Friday, September 16, 2016

Zion - Hiking Trails

We began before 8 at this 1 mile walk to one of the most famous sections... The Narrows. Beautiful scenery along the way... Despite our good gear one typically hikes the narrows in neoprene socks, watertight boots and a dry sack.  We went as far as we could without getting shin deep in water. The temperature at the time we were there was around 58 degrees....The Riverside Walk, however, is quite accessible with pleasant views along the way..... it is paved, so we even saw some folks with strollers when we were leaving. 

Hiking the Riverside Trail

Beginning of the Narrows Hike

Beyond this point you will be wet... Just a matter of how much .... We heard enough tales yesterday of slipping on rocks and being COMPLETELY wet that we ended our walk here...still had a mile back and it was early.  The description in the trail guide is "The river itself becomes the trail." For those who do want to hike this trail, the equipment needed can be rented right near the entrance to the park.  By just afternoon this scene would have looked completely different..... crowded with people. 

The walk to weeping rock was just under a mile,  but had some steep inclines..

Our last hike was to see The Court of the Patriarchs...three large peaks named by Mormon settlers. They are Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  Just a short walk to some elevated views..... 

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