Monday, September 26, 2016

Zion - East Entrance and Mt. Carmel Highway

 Our travel to Zion was from the Bryce area so the GPS showed us again having a very interesting route.   The scenery was impressive along the way and then came the "tunnel"..... amazing!   In the early days of travel through the tunnel cars were permitted to stop along the way and take photos through the gallery windows..... no more, however.   It is much too crowded to allow that to happen and frequently the traffic is only one way due to the size of the buses making the trip. The only photo that is MINE in this collection is of our actual GPS....
Entrance to the Tunnel

View of the Galleries from the Outside

Our GPS to Arrive at Zion From the East
Checkerboard Mesa
Checkerboard was part of the route before the tunnel if you are traveling from the Bryce area to Zion.

Below are two vintage photos of the gallery and some horseback riders going through the tunnel.  According to the literature the tunnel shortened the route to Bryce by 80 miles.

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