Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Bryce Canyon - Reality Check

I began planning this trip in February.... I read Trip Advisor faithfully and used their Forum to decide in what order to proceed, how many days were needed, and where to stay .   I was shocked from the start that I could not get a reservation in either of the two parks that had lodges.... In fact at this park I couldn't book a hotel closer than about 25 miles (Panguitch).  As suggested on the forums I put our names on waiting lists for closer motels and also checked back on websites.  I cancelled the first motel when I found one 10 miles away (Tropic)....Then I found a vacancy at a motel only 2.5 miles from the entrance to the park.... Called Bryce Canyon Resort... What could be better???  Why not splurge on a suite??? We might need a jacuzzi soak following our hikes....

Below you will see the place....notice the dining area..
We enjoyed being closer to the park but we did marvel at the use of the word "resort" for this spot....

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